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Success Rate

‘Just for today – one day at a time’

Our multi award-winning service offers one of the very few true community based abstinence treatment programmes. We offer an unrivalled success rate, while avoiding the high costs of residential care.

We believe addiction is an illness. We help you address any feelings of shame associated with addiction so you are able to heal.

Our results speak for themselves:

1NE clients experience a 70 per cent success rate in remaining sober and drug free one year after completing treatment.

Whilst it is difficult to obtain accurate success rates for moderation management therapies, we know that 30 per cent of users go on to try an abstinence-based program.

After one year, with methadone-based treatments not supported by 1NE, 50 per cent of people have relapsed.

Why it works:

We offer a compassionate service. We understand addiction: most of us have experienced addiction ourselves or within our families. It’s not like a broken arm – it isn’t going to just mend itself.

You may feel like the only person who has become an addict, but the 1NE family will help you address your problems and feel less cut off from the world.

We are Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous friendly, and find that many people who we see will also go on to become part of these support groups. We see ourselves as a stepping stone in your network of recovery.

Our therapy and counselling is aligned with the 12 Steps programme, based on the belief that once you have a drink or drug in you, you are powerless. We believe addiction is a lifelong illness.

Useful Links

Alcoholics Anonymous http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/

Narcotics Anonymous http://ukna.org/

Cocaine Anon: http://www.cauk.org.uk/