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Services for Individuals

Clients start our programme when they are 24 hours away from their last drink or drug.counselling-room

You will have an hour of individual counselling before being offered a place at 1NE. All quote3clients attend the programme for a minimum of two weeks of full time therapy. Here, we combine individual counselling with group sessions, where clients offer each other support, and start the day with guided relaxation. Many clients continue on the programme for some further weeks.

If you are in full time work, we may be able to offer you a tailored service of individual counselling.

There is no cut off from 1NE – our door is always open to former clients and our Friends of 1NE social events help keep our community supportive and strong. We offer after-care and evening groups, and are always open to help you.

Individual Counselling


When you first come to 1NE you will have an initial assessment with one of our trained addiction counsellors.


While most of the therapy takes place in groups, there is always a chance to discuss any problems, feelings, thoughts or your progress with our counsellors, who are trained in Psychodynamic, Integrative, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Person-Centred theories.

Group Sessions

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Most of your programme is made up of group therapy sessions. The support of the 1NE community will help in your journey to remain alcohol or drug free.

The group sessions help you to learn ways of coping with different challenges you may be facing, including issues around feelings, loss, change and relapse prevention.


“Like pressing an imaginary pause button in your head”

Relaxation sessions are a big part of the recovery process for many of our clients, who often find it difficult to switch off. We will teach you techniques to help you to find calm in any circumstances.

In the early days of recovery, many clients experience getting their feelings – which may have been numbed – back in full force. Our relaxation sessions help thoughts and emotions come to the surface, so we can acknowledge and accept them, and find a sense of calm in the world.

We start our days at 1NE with a group relaxation session, and offer meditation days and evenings through our Friends of 1NE  programme.

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