Find some answers to frequently asked questions

I think my partner/son/daughter/friend has a problem with alcohol/drugs, can I make an appointment?

It is possible for you to make an appointment for the person you are concerned about, however, without their knowledge and consent it could be a waste of time. The process works more smoothly if the person with the problem makes contact. You may want to think about making an appointment for yourself with 1NE Carer’s (family and friends) service.

Do you have a waiting list?

No. On the few occasions when it has not been possible to admit the client to the programme on the Monday following his/her assessment, support has been offered in a ‘holding group.’

Can I use the Carer’s service for myself if the person I am concerned about won’t get help – isn’t in treatment?

Yes you are welcome to access the help you need without the addict being in treatment.

If I am not sure whether I want abstinence, what shall I do?

You can chat with one of the counsellors to understand more about your condition and the options available. There are some organisations who provide other services that we can refer you to.

I think I might need a detox, can you organise that?

No. At the moment detox must be accessed through Redbridge Drug and Alcohol Service (tel: 0844 600 1180), your GP or local hospital.

How much does the treatment cost at 1NE?

It costs 1NE £300 per week to provide treatment and we ask clients to contribute towards this cost as we rely on charitable contributions to maintain the programme.  We have never refused anyone a place on the programme due to their financial restrictions.

The service for Carers (families and friends) is free to residents of Waltham Forest and Redbridge and clients are encouraged to make a donation.

The service for NE Teens is free.

Can I access the service if I am on a maintenance programme such as Methadone?

No. The service is for people who are able to maintain total abstinence.

If I want individual counselling can you provide that?

In most cases we are unable to provide individual counselling due to lack of funds. Clients on the full time programme may be able to access individual counselling in a crisis or short term.

Some of the work with Carers is done in individual counselling.

It will be possible to provide individual counselling if you are able to fund the sessions yourself.

What happens if I relapse?

We treat relapse as part of recovery. It is not necessary for anyone to relapse after entering treatment however, statistics suggest that many do. If your aim is abstinence you will be welcomed back and as much learned from the relapse as possible.

How long does treatment last?

The length of treatment depends on the individual. The minimum is two weeks full time attendance on the day programme which is non-negotiable. After that an individual programme is negotiated. Some people may go back to work after two weeks. Some may join an evening group.

When can I start?

You may make an appointment to see one of the counsellors by telephoning the Centre. In most cases you may start the programme on the Monday following your appointment. The whole process should not take more than two weeks.

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We hope you are all well and keeping safe. In response to the latest advice, we will be suspending all groups at the centre. Of course this is a tremendously sad decision we have made as we are an essential service. We have set up groups on line and will continue to accept referrals.