Family Forum

1NE Family Forum is a support group for the families of people affected by someone else’s addiction.

We are relatives of addicts, who have come together to share and support each other in our recovery from the effects of someone else’s addiction. We offer a safe, supportive environment in which to share our experiences, to organise social occasions and to provide workshops.

Anybody who comes to the Relatives’ Service can belong to the Forum. We meet about every six weeks to plan our activities, such as eating out, walks, coach and boat trips, craft nights and workshops. We also raise money and take part in events to raise the awareness of our Relatives’ Service and 1NE…

We also hope that everybody has some fun!


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We hope you are all well and keeping safe. In response to the latest advice, we will be suspending all groups at the centre. Of course this is a tremendously sad decision we have made as we are an essential service. We have set up groups on line and will continue to accept referrals.