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relatives service 1neAddiction is a family condition which stresses the family to breaking point. It can impact the stability of the home, family unity, mental and physical health and overall family dynamics.

1NE offers a counselling service for anybody affected by somebody elses’ addiction. We offer individual and group therapy.

Experience shows that if family members engage in therapy and establish boundaries to enable them to detach from the addictive behaviour and focus on looking after themselves, the whole family will benefit.

Addiction is sometimes called a ‘family illness’, because the ripples of addiction affect so many people. It often passes down from generation to generation. With our relatives service programme we believe it is incredibly important to work with the adult children of addicts, to prevent patterns of addiction through successive generations. We look at issues of co-dependency and help families to understand that with addiction: they did not cause it, cannot control it and cannot cure it.

If you are affected by someone’s drinking or drug taking you can contact the Relatives Service on 020 8504 9174.

relatives service



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